03 Feb

Ng Way is member of Italian Aerospace Network

<p>The<strong> Italian Aerospace Network</strong> is a group of small and medium Italian companies working in the aerospace field, which represents the excellence in their respective sectors</p>
<p>The main purpose of this network is to achieve a critical mass that can guarantee the sustainability of the business in a complex and dynamic market but also maintain a constant development in a marketplace like Asia, specifically China.<br />
The participation of each member of the network, in terms of peculiarity, experience, competence and the know-how allows the network to give potential Chinese customers a 360° service: the designing and achievements of components, systems and special manufacture machines, the development of maintenance tools, the support service of products and tools (technical publications, training systems, technical training). In conclusion, the network has the operative capacities of a large company with the flexibility and the customer support of small and medium companies.<br />
Furthermore, the network can generate, as well as business,<br />
a constant flux of information so each members of the network will always have real time knowledge of the market trend, the supply and demand ratio and the new opportunities that are generated in the market</p>
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<p><strong><a href="http://www.itaerospacenetwork.it/">http://www.itaerospacenetwork.it/</a…;




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