19 Feb

Hackers are using this Android malware to spy on Israeli soldiers

<p>Hackers are carrying out surveillance on members of the Israeli military by hacking into their Android phones in order to monitor activity and steal data - potentially including photos and audio recordings - according to security companies.</p>
<p>Developed and deployed by currently by a so-far unidentified group, ViperRAT is designed to collect sensitive information from infected devices, with those behind the malware seemingly most interested in images and audio files, althoughalso keen on SMS messages, contact books and access to the device location.</p>
<p>Cybersecurity researchers at both Lookout and Kaspersky Lab have been monitoring the ViperRAT campaign, which is still in its early stages and still actively attempting to compromise Android devices.</p>
<p>Over 100 Israeli servicemen - using devices from Samsung, HTC, LG and Huawei - are thought to have been hit so far and almost 9,000 files stolen from compromised devices; but it's likely the IDF isn't the only target.</p>
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