06 Mar

CAEN RFID launches Ion, a novel UHF RFID long range reader

<p>CAEN RFID launches Ion, a novel UHF RFID long range reader with embedded PC and GPRS<br />
A new paradigm in RFID readers: embedded PC, open architecture, embedded GPRS to be always connected. Everywhere.</p>
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<p>The Ion is optimized for portal installation featuring full power to up to 4 antennas, complete network interfaces, Gen2 DRM management and high read performances. The Ion embeds an INTEL® ATOM™ processor and combines the processing power of INTEL x86 architecture with the most advanced RFID performances. In addition to all these features, the Ion allows data transfer via an integrated GPRS modem (optional).</p>
<p>"After several years in the RFID business, we know what the market is looking for" said Giovanni Grieco, Business Development Manager of CAEN RFID. " Our latest Ion reader has been carefully designed according to many requests from our customers working on the field. The result is a new paradigm in RFID readers: an embedded PC for distributed intelligence, an open architecture for easy integration and multiple networking capabilities, including GPRS, to be always connected. Everywhere".</p>
<p>These features, together with its compact and versatile form factor, allow to use it also in on-vehicle applications, on smart shelves or smart displays and in any worldwide installation requiring RFID usage in remote areas.</p>
<p>The Ion is available from today through CAEN RFID’s sales network.</p>




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